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How it works

How does Erland Care superabsorbent pad work?

Ensures safe and stable attachment of bag and plate,
which in turn reduces the risk of leakage under the plate.

Absorbs leakage and seals it in the absorbent.
It prevents liquid from getting on the skin, clothing, bedding etc.

Perforated silicone as an adhesive gives the skin good ventilation and wounds grow better.
It also makes it easy to remove after use, also on established wounds.

The superbsorber seals leaks and reduces odors.

Fits plate sizes 9.5 cm to 10 cm.


How it works










What do the people who participated in the SINTEF test say about the product?

"It was exiting to be a part of the product trial for this product.
I found it a great relief to not have the leakages and changing stoma bags many times,
day and night. Hope this will be available in stores"

"This product is the best I have tested, I am very pleased"

"In my line of work and leisure activities, this product is much welcome.
It gives me the little extra security in regards to leakage, which makes me relax more
if there were to be a leakage. Hope it will be produced in skin color."

I am very happy with this pad. It is good to be able to use it in situation were
one is afraid of that leakage will occur. The product gives me the extra security,
and is a product I am gladly will use.
Thanks for great job and development of a good product."

"Great product in regards to leakage
. Great pads that sticks well to my skin when I get a leakage.
Have had several leakages, but I it never soiled neither my clothes nor bedlinen.
Looking forward to buy this product in the stores."


Erland Care


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