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About Erland Care

It was never meant for Jofrid Erland to be an entrepreneur,
but when she got a challenge no one could help her with, she had no choice.






In 2007, her husband received colon cancer, and came home from the hospital with a stoma bag.
In order to prevent the leak from the ostomy bag, she had to take the matter into her own hands.
With needle, thread and various types of diaper she sewed her first prototype.

She realized that to get her husband back in social life, the odor and leakage from the ostomy pouch had to be stopped first.

FERD nominated her solution to this year's social entrepreneur in 2013,
an honorary award awarded to a company that has a particularly high potential for solving social challenges.

Development of the product was moved from the kitchen table, to one of the world's leading manufacturers of healthcare products B.Braun.

In 2017, Erland received a global patent on the Erland Care superabsorbent pad
After several years of research, development and studies with test subjects.

On the way, local investors, Skape, Validè and Innovation Norway had contributed with funding and guidance.

See Jofrid Erland tell her story to Norwgian TV2 with Minister of Business Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.











The challenge is solved, and Erland can now give more people with ostomy one less concern.

Erland Care Superabsorbent pad is a new all in one product that captures and seals the odor and leakage from the stoma.

Erland Care's superabsorbent patented solution consists of:

- Perforated soft silicone layer that is applied directly to the skin

- An inner cushion of very liquid-absorbing material

- Breathable film of polyurethane

The goal is simple: One less concern - for people with a stoma.

Erland AS is a Norwegian company behind the development of the Erland Care superabsorbent pad.

Our vision is to contribute to increased quality of life in everyday life for users who are dependent on ostomy materials and who live with leakage.

The company was established in 2010 and is located in Stavanger, Norway.

The board of Erland AS consists of:

Chairman of the Board: Ragnhild Osmundsen
Deputy Chairman of the Board: Jofrid Erland
Board member: Steinar Olsen
Board member: Aleksander Særvoll
Board member: Terje Handeland

Erland AS has the organization number: 995446081MVA

Our address is: Erland AS, Løkkeveien 111, 4007 Stavanger, Norway

Questions regarding International distribution can be sendt here.

Erland Care - one less concern.

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